Good morning,

This week I have to share with you what is probably my least favorite sentence in the English language:  I need your help.  (Well, it’s my least favorite sentence right after “The Patriots win the Super Bowl.”)

 I HATE to ask for help, to the point that I can be a bit stubborn about it.  Nevertheless, I need your help here at Ebenezer.  We have a growing list of volunteer opportunities and we really need some folks to step in to some roles so that we can continue to minister and be the church that I believe God wants us to be.  Here’s a partial list of where we can use some help.

 VBS – We are still in need of volunteers for VBS week, especially an adult to help my daughter Abby lead the craft time.  Please see the sign up board in the sanctuary.  It would be great if it was filled in the next couple of weeks.  If you are not sure where you would be a best fit, see myself or Fred Quigley.

Summer Lunch Program – CVCCS is once again hoping that we can host their summer lunch program.  We are in need of 3 people to take one day a week to serve lunch from 11:15 am to 1:15 pm.  I would really prefer to also have someone else act as the coordinator/liaison to CVCCS this summer.  I’ve done it the past couple of years…it isn’t a big commitment, but it is an important one.

At Home Ministry – Our list of folks who are on the visitation list keeps growing, and we could use a few more folks to help in this ministry.  I know that each visit is greatly appreciated.

Food Bank – I have been taking the food that we collect over to CVCCS about once a month.  It would be great if someone could take over this role.

Prayer Team – At this point I have had a couple of folks express interest in praying with people at the conclusion of the Sunday morning services.  In order to launch this ministry, we really need a few more interested people.

Kitchen Team – We are planning two fellowship events during Holy Week – the Breads and Spreads time after the Maundy Thursday Service and a lunch after the Cantata.  We could use some help with setting up the Fellowship Hall, preparing some food and, of course, cleaning up.  Please see Elaine Quigley or myself if you are willing to help.

 I think that is enough for now, but don’t worry more opportunities to serve are right around the corner!

Here’s what’s happening:

1.      Choir Rehearsals continue Monday nights at 7 pm.

2.     Our collection of fabric, old towels and other sewing supplies for a GAiN project at Fairmount Homes continues through Palm Sunday.

3.      Easter Flower orders are due on THIS SUNDAY March 31st.

4.     I’ve had several requests to have the Easter Cantata videotaped so that our At Home members can view it via DVD.  If anyone had the equipment to do this and is willing to be the cameraperson, please let me know.

5.      The VBS sign up sheet is posted in the sanctuary…VBS is an “All Hands On Deck” event for our church, please consider helping out.

6.     Sunday 4/7 is a Holy Communion Sunday.

7.      Congregational Life Commission is meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd at 6:30 pm at the church.

8.     Spring Cleaning at Ebenezer – Saturday 4/27 from 9 am till ???.  The more folks that come, the less time it will take!

 This week is our second week looking at the life of Peter.  This week we will be examining two passages where he show his potential to become the “rock” that Jesus needs him to be. Come prepared to be encouraged and to be challenged…and bring a friend!