Buried Treasure

Good morning,

 This past weekend I sort of hunkered down in my office here at church to take the 1st half of an online class on theology that the E.C. is asking me to take.  Yes, it was as exciting as it sounds!  It didn’t register with me until Friday that Saturday was the big spring auction for the West Fire Company, so I arrived at church pretty early on Saturday morning to make sure that I got a parking spot near the church.  I’m glad I did, because it wasn’t long after my arrival that the fire company began to run the shuttle wagon.  It was a huge turnout for the sale.

 It is a sure sign of spring in Lancaster County to see advertisements for mud sales, benefit auctions and yard sales!  Everyone is on the lookout for a “buried treasure” as they rummage through the boxes full of clothes and walk past table after table full of items for sale.   Folks will even spend time reading through the listings in the newspaper to map out the best route to maximize their Saturday morning shopping.

 Have you have had a “buried treasure” experience as you read the Bible?  You are reading along and then all of a sudden a verse just jumps out at you and speaks directly into whatever situation you happen to be going through in life?  It’s a cool experience!  Sometimes the treasure is a familiar verse that you just have read in a while, but other times it is a verse or a passage that is unfamiliar…one that you’ve sort of skipped over 100’s of times.

 Finding a “buried treasure” at a yard sale or an auction is a fun experience, but finding one is Scripture can be a life-changing one!  The key is to get into the Word.

 Let’s be on the hunt for “buried treasure” in God’s Word this Easter season.

 Here’s what’s happening:

1.      Choir Rehearsals continue Monday nights at 7 pm.

2.     Our collection of fabric, old towels and other sewing supplies for a GAiN project at Fairmount Homes begins with Sunday.

3.      The Ministry Council is meeting this Tuesday, March 26, at 6:30 pm in the church.

4.     Decorating Committee is gathering at the church on Thursday night at 6:30 pm to put up the Easter decorations, if you have some free time that evening stop by and help out.

5.      Easter Flower orders are due on March 31st.

6.     I’ve had several requests to have the Easter Cantata videotaped so that our At Home members can view it via DVD.  If anyone had the equipment to do this and is willing to be the cameraperson, please let me know.

7.      The VBS sign up sheet is posted in the sanctuary…VBS is an “All Hands On Deck” event for our church, please consider helping out.

8.     Sunday 4/7 is a Holy Communion Sunday.

9.     Congregational Life Commission is meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd at 6:30 pm at the church.

 This week we continue our sermon series on the disciples as we begin to look at the life of Simon Peter.  Other than Jesus, no one is more of a principle character in the Gospels than Peter.  Because we are given so much information about Peter, I’m going to devote 4 different messages to him over the next month!  This week we will focus on his failings and how he often let his pride get the best of him, earning him several rebukes from Jesus.