Easter Giving Project

  Good morning,

 Linda Zimmerman brought to my attention a pretty cool ministry that is taking place over at Fairmount Homes.  In partnership with GAIN (Global Aid Network), a group of ladies living at Fairmount are collecting donations of fabric, yarn, and other sewing supplies to make dresses, caps, and quilts to be shipped overseas to the impoverished areas that GAIN serves.

 During the Easter season we will be helping these sisters-in-Christ by collecting the following items:

 Towels (New or gently used – they are used for padding and will not be seen in the finished sewing projects)

Yarn (Baby or 4 ply – I’m assuming you knitters know what that means!)

Flannel (they do not use camo/military patterns or dog prints)

Quilted Fabric (such as a used bedsheet or blanket)

Dress Fabric

 Although any of the above can be purchased or donated, giving used items you have at home is more than OK!

 We will have a table in the back of the sanctuary for your donations and Linda will be collecting them each week to take over to Fairmount.  Collections will start NEXT WEEK (3/24) and continue until Palm Sunday (4/14).

 Here’s what’s happening:

1.      Choir Rehearsals continue Monday nights at 7 pm.

2.     Lenten Devotional Guides are available at the usual spots in the sanctuary.  Grab one for yourself and one for a friend.

3.      The PRC is meeting this Tuesday, March 19, at 6:30 pm in the church.

4.     We had a good VBS meeting…thanks to everyone who came out!  One area of need that we see is the crafts station.  We really need someone to help lead that station.  Don’t worry, my daughter Abby has all the craft ideas ready to go!

5.      I’ve had several requests to have the Easter Cantata videotaped so that our At Home members can view it via DVD.  If anyone had the equipment to do this and is willing to be the cameraperson, please let me know.

 This week we continue our sermon series on the disciples as we look at the life of John.  Although John is mentioned frequently in the Gospels, very few passages actually feature him.   The ones that do are very short! Does that mean I’ll have a shorter message?*  You’ll have to come to find out!