The Beginning of Lent - Not Just About Doughnuts!


 Good morning,

 My goodness, this week we say goodbye to February and hello to March!  Although I think (fear) that we might have one more blast of the wintry stuff yet, subtle signs of spring are starting to appear.

 Next week begins the season of Lent.  For many of us that means that this coming Tuesday is Fasnacht Day, but of course it also means that Holy Week is coming as well.  Easter is very “late” this year, but it will be here before we know it! 

 This year we have created a very simple Lenten Devotional Guide for individuals, couples, and families to use as we anticipate Easter Sunday.    There is one devo for each week of the Lenten season.  Each devo has a passage of the Scripture to read and some brief thoughts to help guide discussion and prayer.

 We will have those guides ready on Sunday for whoever wants one…and you can feel free to take a few extra to give to your coworker or neighbor.  We can always print more up!

Here’s what’s happening:

1.      Choir Rehearsals continue on Monday nights at 7 pm.

2.     We are still in need of a few people who are willing to help with decorating the church.  It will soon be time for the Easter decorations.  If you are willing to give a few hours of your time to help, please see Cheryl Hornberger.

3.      Speaking of Easter…looking ahead to Holy Week:

a.      4/14 – Easter Cantata and Fellowship Meal

b.     4/17 – 4/18 – Prayer Vigil

c.      4/18 – Maundy Thursday Communion Service at 6:30, followed by “Breads and Spreads” fellowship time.

d.     4/21 – Easter Sunday!

 This week we continue our sermon series on the disciples as we look at the life of Andrew.  Unlike his brother Peter who often preached to masses, Andrew is almost always found taking someone to meet Jesus.  On Sunday we will discover why the church needs both folks like Peter AND folks like Andrew!