Thoughts on Prayer

Good morning,

 If you were with us on Sunday you know that we did not pass the microphone around to take prayer requests and I instead led in praying primarily for the Ryan Martin family.  You have no doubt noticed that I tend to switch things up with our prayer time during the service.  Many weeks we do pass the microphone, but other weeks we don’t.  Occasionally I’ll ask us to kneel or stand, and sometimes I ask us to be still and pray silently.

 Why do I change it up?  Well, there are couple of reasons.  A minor one is that I try to have the worship service end at 11:30 am each week.  My experience has been that folks appreciate a consistent starting and ending times, and I plan the services accordingly.  Sometimes something happens during the week (either locally or nationally) that I feel our prayer time should be devoted to.  And quite honestly, sometimes it’s the prompting of the Holy Spirit as we are singing our opening worship set.

 I’m not telling you all this because someone complained…just so that you have an idea of what my thought process is when it comes to our public prayer times.  Our Ebenezer 2020 vision statement lists emphasizing both prayer and creativity in our worship services and I always want to sensitive to God’s leading during our services.

 If you ever have something that you definitely want shared with the church family and prayed for during the service, please see me before the service.  I’ll be the guy standing there looking stressed!  😊  I will certainly make sure to do so within whatever manner we go before the Lord.  And if I forget, Trent will surely remind me!

 A couple of reminders:

1.      We will be taking a benevolence offering for the Ryan Martin family on Sunday, 1/20 for any who wish to contribute.

2.     1/15 – Congregational Life Commission

3.      1/27 – Annual Congregational Meeting

 This Sunday we will be looking at the lives of 3 of the least known disciples:  James the son of Alphaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Thaddeus.   Although they are rarely mentioned in the Gospels, their lives serve as a great testimony to how Jesus uses different people to build His church!