An Awkward Conversation

Good morning,

Can we have an awkward conversation?

 Last week our family attended the viewing for my brother-in-law’s father.  We had spent time with him at picnics, birthday parties, and other events that Mary’s sister and her husband hosted.  Although he wasn’t in the best of health, his passing was rather sudden.  While going through the greeting line my brother-in-law pulled me aside and said “Scott, have your folks plan their funerals, it makes everything so much easier.”

 My experience as a pastor certainly agrees with what my brother-in-law was feeling – it is a gift to the family when they know exactly what they’re loved wanted.  I’ve yet to come up with a way, however, to initiate that awkward conversation!  So what I’ll do is just extend a general offer to anyone (doesn’t matter what life stage you are in): if you would like to sit down and get in writing what your wishes would be I will be happy to do that with you.  I have a list of scripture passages that can be read, hymns that can be sung, and other things that we can go over.  I know it isn’t fun to think about, and I feel awkward even bringing it up in an email, but I wanted to put the offer out there.

 Also – the weather gurus are suggesting that we might be in for some more wintry weather this weekend.  It sounds like they won’t know for sure until Friday.  If we need to make a change to our Sunday schedule, I will do so by 7am on Sunday and will send out an email and post it on our Facebook page and website.  We will also activate our phone chain.  If things look questionable, please check!

A couple of reminders:

1.      We will be taking a benevolence offering for the Ryan Martin family THIS SUNDAY Sunday, 1/20 for any who wish to contribute.  Please make your check out to the church and designate for Martin Family.

2.     1/27 – Annual Congregational Meeting

3.      2/6 – Ministry Council Meeting

This Sunday we will be looking at the disciple who is forever known as “Doubting Thomas.”  Thomas is certainly a serious guy, and perhaps he was a bit of a pessimist, but his life should definitely not be only remembered for a time that he struggled with some doubt.  If you or someone you know is struggling with some doubts in their faith, Sunday would be a great day to be at Ebenezer!