Helping Folks Flourish After Florence

Good morning,

Well, the remnants of Hurricane Florence have come and gone.  Thankfully, the feared predictions of heavy rains did not happen in Lancaster County.  I was even able to mow the lawn Tuesday night!

However, there has been a lot of damage in the Carolinas from the storm.  The cleanup has started as the waters have begun to recede.  This Sunday we will take a special offering to help those affected by the storm.  Any gifts received will be given to Mennonite Disaster Services, which is headquartered here in Lancaster.  We have given to MDS before, and while there are many good relief organizations out there, MDS is one of the absolute best in my opinion. 

There is also the possibility of one or two of our fellow E.C. churches sending a work team to the Carolinas in the next couple of months.  If that happens, we will provide an opportunity to support that work as well.

As always, if at all possible please write a separate check or place your gift in a separate envelope marked “MDS.”  It is much easier for the offering counters when you do that, and we want to make sure that MDS gets all the given funds.

Here’s what’s happening:

1.     Sunday, 10/7 is a Communion Sunday.

2.     Harvest Fest prep work will be on Thursday night’s from 6:30-8pm beginning on 10/4.  The big event is on 10/25.

3.     On Sunday, October 7 there will be a light lunch served in the fellowship hall for all who are new to Ebenezer and would like to learn more about our church, our denomination, and our vision for the future!  If you are thinking about connecting at Ebenezer at a deeper level, this lunch is for YOU!  Please let me know if you are coming so we can have plenty of food.  We will be done by 12:45.

4.     Choir Practice for the Christmas Cantata starts up on Monday, October 1st at 7pm.

5.     Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services has two openings – a ministry coordinator position at their Lebanon office and an administrative assistant position at the Columbia location.  If you or someone you know might be interested…go to

 This week we will be looking at Nehemiah 3.  If you are doing one of those “read through the Bible in a year” plans, this is one of those chapters that many folks sort of gloss over.  It’s a list of all the people who helped lead the rebuilding of the walls.   It’s full of a lot of hard to pronounce names, and on the surface there would seem to be little we can learn from it.  If we dig a bit deeper, however, I think there is actually a whole lot for us in chapter 3!  If you know of someone who is struggling with guilt over past sins, I would encourage you to invite them to join you on Sunday!