Keys to the Kingdom

Good morning,

A somewhat significant change is in the works in regard to the security of our church building.  At the last Ministry Council meeting we discussed and approved having the locks to the outside doors of the church building be “rekeyed” and in some cases upgraded.  Thankfully, it appears that we will not have to modify the older wooden doors to do this. 

So why are we doing this?  There are a few reasons.  Currently there are 3 different keys to the outside doors of the church.  Rekeying will allow us to have 1 key for all the doors, which will eliminate some hassle.  But the main reason we are doing it is because of building security.  Like in many churches, keys to the church have been given out to whoever needed one at the time.  Some of those folks still attend Ebenezer, but others have moved on to other churches and may or have may not turned their keys back in.  Additionally, we have had other groups and churches use our building regularly, and keys have been made for those groups.  Some (not all, but some) of those groups made additional copies of the keys for their folks.

All of this is concerning in that we have no way of knowing exactly who has a key to the church.  It’s unfortunate, but in 2018 this is an issue.  I wish it wasn’t the case.  When I was growing up Memorial UMC was never locked.  But that changed after some teenagers snuck in and ransacked the downstairs (thankfully they didn’t touch the sanctuary).

So, here’s the plan.  Once the locks have been rekeyed (the date hasn’t been set yet), we’ll distribute a new key to the active church members who need one.   When we do that we are going to mark down the key # on a list so we have a record of who has one.  That way, if there ever is an issue, we know who has a key.

I hope there is never an issue where we need to check the “key list,” but we do want to be good stewards of the building that God has blessed us with.  If anyone has a question or concern about this feel free to see me.

Here’s what’s happening:

1.     Please be in prayer for the Bible Adventure program that starts up this tomorrow (Thursday).  We are expecting another huge group of kids this year!

2.     There will be a brief meeting after church THIS SUNDAY, 9/16 in the annex to introduce our new visitation ministry “Ebenezer At Home.”  This meeting is for anyone who might be interested in being a part of the ministry and visiting our at-home church members.  Coming to the meeting DOES NOT mean that you are committing to the ministry, it is just for informational purposes!  We will be done by about 11:45.

3.     On Sunday, October 7 there will be a light lunch served in the fellowship hall for all who are new to Ebenezer and would like to learn more about our church, our denomination, and our vision for the future!  If you are thinking about connecting at Ebenezer at a deeper level, this lunch is for YOU!  Please let me know if you are coming so we can have plenty of food.  We will be done by 12:45.

4.     Choir Practice for the Christmas Cantata starts up on Monday, October 1st at 7pm.

5.     To be put on your calendars – Harvest Fest this year is on October 25.

 This week we will be looking at Nehemiah 2 and how he starts the monumental rebuilding project that God calls him to lead.  If you have someone in your life that is facing a rebuild in life and doesn’t know how to get started, this would be a great week to invite them to join you at Ebenezer.  If you missed last week’s sermon, I would encourage you to get caught up by listening to it from our website.