Back to School

Good morning,

Two weeks of Rawlinsville Camp Meeting have come and gone.  Thanks again to everyone for being so understanding of my need to be there so much this year.  Without going into too much detail, God allowed for Camp Meeting to be full of leadership challenges but also moved in a mighty way.  21 children and 5 youth accepted Jesus as their Savior at Rawlinsville and many adults were encouraged and strengthened in their faith!

This coming Tuesday morning the “big yellow fellow” will once again come down Jarvis Road and Mary & I will send three children off to school.  This moment will be repeated throughout Conestoga Valley and numerous other school districts and private schools. Home schoolers will also be resuming their studies. 

The beginning of the school year always triggers an emotional response from me, because each year marks another year of my kids’ growing up.  Greg is a Junior at CVHS this year (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??), which means that this is the second-to-last “First Day of School” that we have with him.

Like many parents, I worry about my kids when they are at school.  Not about their education (CV is great school district), but about their hearts.  As many of you know, school can be a place where tender hearts are wounded, scarred, and even crushed.  Our kids and grandkids deal with things in schools today that we couldn’t have fathomed a generation ago.

And yet, our schools are simply a reflection of our culture.  If we are going to help our kids and grandkids to be “in the world but not of the world” (as we studied a few weeks ago), then we need to come alongside them and help them be the young men and women that God wants them to be.  We also need to be in constant prayer for them!

I’ll be spending some time in prayer for our schools on Tuesday.  I hope that you will join me.

Here’s what’s happening:

1.      Thanks to Elaine Quigley for cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen pantry downstairs.  It was a needed job and it looks great!

2.      This week is “Back to School” Sunday.  We will be having a special time of prayer for all those returning to school (teachers, support staff, students, etc…). 

3.      Back to school also means that the return of Released Time is also approaching.  Released Time has been given a new name – Bible Adventure Club.  If anyone is interested in helping please see me, we are always looking for more volunteers.  Last year we had over 90 kids come each week!  Bible Adventure meets weekly on Thursdays.  For volunteers the time commitment is from about 1:30 – 3:30 pm.

4.      Thanks to everyone to helped us have another successful summer lunch program! 

I invite you to read 1 John 5:1-5 this week in preparation for Sunday morning.  Although I hope to deliver the morning message with grace and compassion, you might want to wear your steel-tipped shoes.  Trust me, I’ll be stepping on my own toes more than anyone else’s!