Recapping National Conference

Good morning,

Last week Cathy Ressler (our lay delegate) and I attended the 2018 National Conference for the E.C. Church.  What exactly happens at a National Conference?  Glad you asked!

The National Conference is an annual gathering of all the pastors and church leaders of E.C., which is the denomination that Ebenezer is a part of.  It is a time of worship services, business meetings, elections, and vision casting.  New pastor candidates are approved and stationed, and elections are held to fill positions within the larger E.C. body.  For example, this year Rev. Ted Rathman was elected to oversee E.C. Global Missions.

The highlight of the National Conference for me is the annual Episcopal Address, which is a fancy term for our Bishop giving a State of the Union-type speech.  Our Bishop, Rev. Bruce Hill, gave what I felt was a very direct, bold, and challenging report as to the challenges the E.C. faces as a denomination as well as what “victories” we can celebrate.  Copies of this address will be placed at our typical “information” spots in the sanctuary. 

I appreciated Bishop Hill’s frankness about where things stand within our denomination and look forward to hearing more and more about his vision for the future of the E.C.  I strongly believe we have the right man for the job in place!  BUT plotting a course for the future is not just the work of the Bishop!  We all have a role to play in making sure that our church continues to have Kingdom impact for generations to come.

I encourage you to grab a copy of the Episcopal Address and read it.  To pique your interest, I’ll end with this quote from Bishop Hill:

“People wonder how we have time to “do church” when we consider all the other things we have to do? But that question is coming from a mistaken perspective. It’s not about how we “do church.” The question is whether or not I am committed to “be church” every day and everywhere; not just on Sunday in a building with a steeple on it.”

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. It is VBS registration time.  The registration portal is open and active on the website.  It’s easy to fill out. PLEASE encourage your grandkids, neighbors, nieces, nephews, etc…to preregister!
  2. VBS Decorating on Thursday and Friday this week from 6:30 – 8 pm.
  3. Church Picnic Items:

1.       Sunday, June 10 at 10 am at West Earl Community Park (please note the earlier start time).

2.      Sign up board to bring food is posted in the sanctuary.

3.      We will be having the silent auction once again.  Please see Kristi Berry if you have something you would like to donate to the auction.  Auction items should be brought to the church by Thursday this week.  You can put them in my office for safe keeping.

4.      We are hoping to update the church directory this summer.  Bob Spade will be taking pictures for it at the church picnic if you would like an updated one to be in it.  We will also be asking everyone to check their directory information and make any corrections at the picnic.

5.      Back by popular demand, we will once again be playing “Trash to Treasure” Bingo this year.

5.  We are still in need of a choir director for the fall.  Please see me or Deb Frey if you are interested.

Enjoy the week, I hope to see everyone on Sunday at our 1o am Church Picnic that starts at 10 am!  Just a reminder, we are starting earlier than usual – at 10 am!


P.S. – 10 am!