Recapping VBS

Good morning,

Instead of trying to recap all that happened last week, here is:

VBS by the Numbers

52 – The total number of kids who came to at least one night of VBS this year.

21 – The number of kids who came all five nights of VBS.

40 – The number of kids who do not regularly attend Ebenezer.  What a tremendous outreach!

40+ - The number of volunteers during VBS week.  Thank you!  We couldn’t do it without you!

897 – The number of dollars given for our VBS Missions project.  Thank you!  Randy and Chris Amberman greatly appreciate your gifts!

1 – The number of nights Pastor Scott lost his voice during the opening.  I’m glad VBS is only one week!

4 – The number of awesome murals that were painted by the kids during craft time.

1 – The number of nights the tech wasn’t working.  Thanks for scrambling and getting it going again Lloyd!

5 – The number of nights of beautiful weather during VBS.  THANK YOU LORD!

80+ - The approximate number of “people hours” that it took to create and hang all the church decorations for VBS.  Thank you to everyone who helped!

3 – The number of confused children who actually thought we were going to have chow chow pizza on Friday night.  I mean, we are in PA Dutch country, I guess it’s a possibility!

Immeasurable – Both the kingdom impact and blessings that come from a great week of VBS.

Here’s what’s happening:

1.       Ministry Council Meeting this Tuesday at 6:30 pm at the church.

2.      Sunday 7/1 is a Communion Sunday.

3.      We collected $947 at the auction during the church picnic.  Thank you!  We will be using those funds for sidewalk repair.

4.      Ladies – If you would like an official “Ebenezer” pen, please let me know.  I had no idea how popular they were going to be!

This Sunday, as we are looking at the events of the first half of Esther chapter 9.  Passages with violence in them like this one can be uncomfortable for some and can even keep people from trusting in Jesus.   If you of someone who feels like this, please invite them to join you on Sunday.  I’m going to (try to) address those concerns and give a strong invitation to receive Jesus as Lord!