Praying without ceasing

Good Morning,

In a few weeks we are going to have a 24 Hour Prayer Vigil.  Since this may be a new ministry for some, I’d like to answer a few frequently asked questions:

What is a 24 Hour Prayer Vigil?  Where and When do we pray?

From 7 pm on Wednesday 3/28 to 7 pm 3/29 we are going to be praying as a church family.  Starting this Sunday we will be signing up to pray during a 30 minute time slot.  The goal is to always have at least one person (ideally two) be praying for our church and our community during these 24 hours.

As to where to pray, wherever you feel most connected to God.  Many will choose to pray at home, others on their lunch break at work, during their commute (keep your eyes open!), or at a coffee shop, as some examples.  The church will be open from 8am to 7pm on Thursday if you would like to come pray in the sanctuary.

Can we pray with a prayer partner/our spouse?  YES!

What will we be praying for?

A prayer guide will be available on Sunday and we will include it in an email blast that week as well.  The guide will have you reading a verse of scripture on a prayer topic and then give you ideas of who and what you can be praying for.  Of course, let the Holy Spirit lead you…if you already have prayer practices that are meaningful for you, go for it! And remember, part of praying is listening to God.  You may be surprised at how quickly 30 minutes goes by when you are in prayer!

Why are we doing this? 

The first prayer vigil is recorded in Acts 1.  Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised that the Holy Spirit would come and strengthen the disciples for the work that was ahead of them.  In response “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and with his brothers.” (Acts 1:14).  Our desire for this time is the same desire the disciples had: to come before God in confession, petition, thanksgiving and adoration so that His plans and purposes for our community might be carried out through us.

Here’s what’s happening:

1.       CVCCS is in need of canned soup again.  If you are able to pick an extra can up this week, please do so.  Soups with meat in them are especially needed.

2.      VBS Week will be June 11-15 this year.  Please be praying about how you might be able to help and sign up in the sanctuary.

3.      Easter Flower Orders – There will be an insert in the bulletin this week to order flowers for Easter.  Orders are due by THIS SUNDAY (3/11).

4.      Choir Practice for Easter Sunday – Monday March 19 at 7:00 pm.

5.       Ministry Council Meeting – Tuesday, March 13 at 6:30 pm.

6.      PRC Meeting – Tuesday, March 20 at 6:30 pm.

7.       Address Change – Kathleen & Bernie Lausch 99 Bethany Road, P.C. Room 207, Ephrata, PA 17522.  Their new phone # is 717-738-7648.  If you are able to send an card or note of encouragement to the Launch’s, I am sure they would appreciate it as they deal with a lot of life changes after Bernie’s fall.

8.      Holy Week 2018 at Ebenezer:

         Palm Sunday – Holy Communion and Fellowship Meal

         Wednesday 7 pm to Thursday 7 pm – 24 Hour Prayer Vigil

         Maundy Thursday Service – 7 pm.  “Breads and Spreads” Fellowship time afterwards.  Bring your favorite bread (homemade or from your favorite bakery) and/or your favorite spread (jelly/jam/cream spreads/etc…) to share!

         Easter Morning – Celebration Service

See you on Sunday,