The Importance of Inviting

Good Morning,

I frequently mention the need for our church family to be personally inviting people that they know to join us on a Sunday morning, and inviting others is one of our action steps in our “Road Map” for the future.

Believing that most people will not visit a church unless they are asked, we will regularly be challenging and encouraging each other to invite unchurched family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors to participate in the ministries of Ebenezer Church.

Easter Sunday is one of the times of the year when many folks are most willing to consider coming to a worship service.  For some it’s tradition or it’s something they do because it makes mom happy.  For others it’s an acknowledgement that while faith isn’t a daily part of their journey (yet!), it is something that they know should be.

We have a whole week of services and activities in our church and in our community that we can be inviting people to join us at (see below).  I love using social media like Facebook and our website to let folks know what is happening at Ebenezer, but the value there is limited.  It really does take a face-to-face invitation for many people to respond.  We will have plenty of welcome packets ready to go on Easter Sunday, and we’ve purchased 30 copies of Lee Strobel’s book “The Case for Easter” to hand out to our guests as well, just as a “thank you” to them for coming. 

Who can you invite to join us to celebrate the Risen Lord?

Here’s what’s happening:

1.       Please sign up for a 30 minute time slot and participate in our 24 hour prayer vigil during Holy Week.  Sign up sheets are in the sanctuary.

2.      We are still in need of helpers in the nursery.  Please consider serving and contact Shirley Echternach.

3.      VBS Week will be June 11-15 this year.  Please be praying about how you might be able to help and sign up in the sanctuary.

4.      Saturday, 4/14 – Spring Clean Up Day from 8am until whenever the work gets done (probably by 11am).

5.       Holy Week 2018 at Ebenezer:

          1.       Palm Sunday – Holy Communion and Fellowship Meal

          2.      Wednesday 7 pm to Thursday 7 pm – 24 Hour Prayer Vigil

          3.      Maundy Thursday Service – 7 pm.  “Breads and Spreads” Fellowship time afterwards.  Bring your favorite bread (homemade or from your favorite bakery) and/or your favorite spread (jelly/jam/cream spreads/etc…) to share!

          4.      Community Good Friday Service at Metzler’s Mennonite Church at 7pm.

          5.       Easter Morning Sunrise Service at Carpenters Community Church at 6:30am.

          6.      Easter Morning – Celebration Service at 10:15

This week will be looking at the Triumphal Entry found in Mark 11:1-11.  Believe it or not, we are going to focus much of our time considering the donkey and what Jesus riding in to Jerusalem means to us!  Holy Communion and a Fellowship Meal follows the sermon…what a great morning to be at Ebenezer!

See you on Sunday,