Spreading the Good News

Good Morning,
I am constantly amazed at the Word of God.  You can probably tell that I love preaching, but I love preparing to preach almost as much, because whenever I do I find so many fascinating aspects to the text and usually have a hard time trying to narrow my focus down for a 30 minute or so sermon on Sunday.

God’s Word contains the truth about salvation.  It is the also foundation and the authority for life on this side of eternity.  That is why the first item on our Vision Road map says:  “Through each ministry of the church every person will be able to interact with God and His Word and will be able to apply the Bible’s unchanging principles to their daily walk.”

Everyone in this world is looking for answers…and we have them!  Of course, we need to be studying the Bible and applying it’s principles, but all the answers for life that we need are contained in the Bible.  So one of our goals is to make sure that we are constantly connecting people (inside and outside of our church) to God’s Word.  

We also want to make sure that anyone in our community who doesn’t have a Bible and wants one receives one.  I would love to be able to announce on Sunday mornings that if someone doesn’t have a Bible that they can leave the worship service with one.

So how exactly do we make THAT happen?  Perhaps we have a “Bible Drive” and ask people to donate gently used Bibles from home that they no longer use regularly.  Perhaps we ask for donations and buy a good translation in bulk (you can get them for less than $4/Bible that way).  Perhaps we just head over to Ollies and buy a bunch!  

What ideas do you have?  How can we get the Word of God into the hands of as many people as possible?  Let me know your thoughts!

Here’s what’s happening:
1.    This Saturday the West Earl Fire Company is having a fundraising breakfast from 6-10 am.  If you don’t have plans, consider supporting them!

2.    Our SS class Q&A Schedule hasn’t exactly gone according to plan!  This Sunday I will be visiting the 9:15 Class, and will visit the Christian Adventure Class on March 4th.

3.    VBS Week will be June 11-15 this year.  Please be praying about how you might be able to help.  More information is coming this Sunday!

4.    Easter Flower Orders – There will be an insert in the bulletin this week to order flowers for Easter.  Orders are due by March 11.

This week we will will be study Mark 6:45-52, in which Mark writes of the time that Jesus walked on water.  The disciples learned many life lessons that day, and there is much that we can learn from the miracle as well!
See you on Sunday,