Prayer Isn't Just For Pastors

Good Morning,

If you missed our Celebration Service on Sunday, we ended things just a little bit differently, as we closed with a prayer service for those in our church family who are in the midst of trying times.  What a blessing it was to see the family of God coming together during this time!  Thank you to all who were willing to step out of their comfort zone and stand alongside a hurting brother or sister-in-Christ and pray with them.

As I mentioned during the sermon, I am always willing to pray with someone, but there isn’t anything “special” about my prayers.  God hears the prayers of all His children!

Thanks as well to the folks who had the courage to raise their hand and ask for prayer!  In order for us to praying for one another, we need to know when someone is going through a tough time.  It isn’t easy for some of us (and I am definitely included in “some of us”) to be vulnerable like that, but I hope that we can be the kind of church family where people feel OK to be vulnerable.

One of the items under our Core Value of Worship for 2018 is “The worship service will have an increased emphasis on both corporate and personal prayer.”   We might not do a prayer service like that every week, but I imagine that we’ll do it again.

Thanks as always for being a family that is marked by prayer.

Here’s what’s happening:

1.       There is a VBS informational meeting TOMORROW NIGHT (2/15) at 6:30 pm at the church.

2.      This Sunday I will be visiting with the Christian Adventure class for a time of Q&A and discussion as we continue to process and think about the future of Ebenezer.  I will be visiting with the 9:15 Class next week (this was rescheduled from 2/11).

This week we will return to Mark 5, this time look at the verses that tell of the story of a man named Jairus.  We will be focusing specifically on the words that Jesus says during His encounter with the leader of the synagogue.

See you on Sunday,