A Fair Question

Good morning,

On Monday night Greg and I headed over to Conestoga Valley High School for the annual college fair.  The main gymnasium was filled with rows and rows of tables and stationed behind each table was a representative for a college.  Many of the colleges are located close by, but others are quite a distance away from Lancaster County (there were reps there from the University of Alabama and the University of South Carolina, for example).  Greg and I stopped and talked with the reps from the colleges that he might be interested in attending.

Some of the reps were very knowledgeable about their college.  They answered all our questions and added helpful information that we didn’t think to ask about.  They were also very excited to tell us about their college. 

Some of the reps, however, were a bit less helpful and a bit less excited.  Perhaps they were having a bad day, or something else was going on in their lives that was sort of distracting them, but they didn’t give a good impression about their school.

The experience got me thinking….

There really isn’t a Lancaster County church fair, (although that would admittedly be something that would be very interesting to attend) but in a very real sense we are all “reps” for our church.  What would your response be if someone asked you about Ebezener Church?  Would you be able to answer their questions?  Would you be excited to tell them about what is happening here at church?  How good of a “rep” would you be for the church?

Here’s what’s happening…

1.      There will be a Budget Meeting tonight, November 7th at 6:30 at the church.

2.     THIS SUNDAY, 11/11 is our Day of Giving.  We will once again be collect big cans of food for Stoneridge Retirement Home and small cans of food for CVCCS.  This will also be the morning that the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are collected!  In addition to all of that, we will be taking a special offering (during our normal offering) to give to Mennonite Disaster Services for hurricane relief in the Florida panhandle.

3.      THIS SUNDAY is ALSO our annual Thanksgiving fellowship meal after the service.  Please bring your favorite dessert (homemade or from your favorite bakery) to share at the meal. 

4.     Choir Practice for the Christmas Cantata continues every Monday night at 7pm.

5.      West Earl Fire Company is holding a breakfast on November 17 from 6-10 am. Great opportunity to fellowship with your neighbors and support the fire company!

6.     11/25 is “This is My Story” Sunday.  We will be hearing from members of our church family as they tell their story of how God has blessed their life.  I am still looking for 1 brave soul who would be willing to share their story.

7.      A couple of reminders:

a.      Please return any borrowed books back to the library in a timely manner. 

b.     Parents – please remind your children that the snack served between SS and the worship service should be enjoyed in the annex, not in the sanctuary (this goes for adults as well!).

8.     Save the Dates:

a.      11/25 & 12/2 – Sunday School Elective on Grandparenting. 

b.     12/2 – Annual Christmas Cantata and Fellowship Meal.

c.      12/24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 6 pm.

 Our passage for this Sunday is Nehemiah 11 & 12, although we will be focusing mainly on 11:1-2.  At this point in the story of Nehemiah the city of Jerusalem is in pretty good shape.  The walls are rebuilt, the gates are in place and the temple is ready to hold daily worship services again.  Only one thing is missing – the people!  We will be taking a deep dive into Nehemiah’s plan to repopulate Jerusalem and discuss why that was so important.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!